CNC Routing


What is CNC Routing?

Computer numerical control (CNC) is utilized for cutting various materials. Our CNC routers are incredibly fast and have powerful spindles capable of routing and machining very thick sections of solid wood and other materials like composites, plastic, and foam (e.g. Styrofoam), fiberglass, signboard, particleboard, oriented strand board, phenolics, and composites.

Advanced CNC machinery and our experience enable us to produce exactly what you need. Furthermore,  increasing productivity, reducing production times compared to many other technologies. CNC routing manufacturing method has endless possibilities.

FIBER Laser Cutting


What is a FIBER Laser?

Fiber Laser cutting is a very clean and precise way to cut a wide range of metal materials including metal, aluminium, brass and many more. With a 2kW fiber laser we are able to cut various materials up to a thickness of 8mm.

CNC Bending


What is CNC Bending?

This technology has revolutionised the profile bending operations. Profiles are moved between so called rollers and get bended shapes. By this way it is easy to make rounded profiles and shapes.

Laser cleaning


What is Laser Cleaning?

Laser cleaning technology works by sending nanosecond-length pulses of laser light towards a surface. When it interacts with contaminants that absorb laser light, the contaminants or coating particles will either turn into a gas or the pressure of the interaction will cause particles to free from the surface.

A laser beam usually behaves just the same as a normal light beam. This means that it’s more difficult for reflective or white surfaces to heat up than it is for dark surfaces. They reflect most of the light, while a dark surface absorbs the energy of the light beam and doesn’t reflect it as much. The absorption of this energy causes the heating.

Laser welding

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What is Laser Welding?
Delivering a focused heat source, laser welding creates a strong seam at a high speed. The processes and applications of laser welding are most prominent in the automotive industry, where lasers boost productivity at a low cost when welding automotive parts – such as roof , door or filter assemblies – together

Laser beam welding works on the principle of using a laser with high power density to apply heat to a joint between the surface of two metals. The material melts at the joint, and it permits fusion between the metals as it solidifies.

3D Printing


What is 3D Printing?

We love 3D Printing and we love to help our customers get just what they need, the way they need it. Rapid prototypes, specialist parts, or low volume manufacturing; whatever your requirements, with over 30 materials, and an extensive range of finishing options we’re bound to have the right 3D printing solution for you.

The 3D printing and additive manufacturing market has undergone rapid change in recent years. No longer primarily the domain of hobbyists, highly capable  machines have developed into essential tools for manufacture. After becoming the go-to tool for prototyping and product development, 3D printing use has expanded across manufacturing, dentistry, jewelry, and much more.

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